Come and contemplate “The Odyssey of Marine Turtles” at the Oceanographic Museum of Beausoleil

C'est une photo d'une tortue marine.

Your private chauffeur agency presents you the exhibition “The Odyssey of Marine Turtles“. This exhibition invites its spectators to discover a route dedicated to marine turtles. It takes place in the magnificent Beausoleil Oceanographic Museum located on Avenue Saint-Martin until 1 January 2020.

What does this exhibition consist of?

Marine turtles are living beings over 150 million years old; they have lived with dinosaurs and many species that have now disappeared. But is it their turn to disappear? It is true that they are threatened, and they could very soon disappear because of Man. Through the “Odyssey of Marine Turtles“, the museum aims to raise awareness among young and old alike. Thus, thanks to its 160 m² rehabilitation basin, the museum shows you the life of turtles in a playful way.

How to get there?

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