Why choose a private driver in Beausoleil?

Mercedes classe s

At a time when there are many solutions, the question of the interest of a private chauffeur can be asked. Cab, Uber, carpooling are all services that we can access without complexity. But in this case, why is it more advantageous to opt for a private driver rather than for the alternatives mentioned? This is the question on which Private driver Nice has focused today.

The Monegasque context

In Beausoleil, the rules regarding the transportation of people are dictated by the Monegasque government. The latter has banned the Uber platform (and associated platforms) on its territory. In fact, it is not possible to use this service for your outings in the red and white city.

Private driver Nice

At Private driver Nice, we offer you to book an experienced private driver. We only work with drivers who know the characteristics of the Principality and the French Riviera. They are recruited after demanding interviews. We want to make sure that each partner is serious and has a good knowledge of the city, both geographically and historically, so that they can accompany you in the best possible way.

And why not a cab?

Unlike cabs, when you book a trip with Private driver Nice, you know the price in advance. You can manage your reservationin a few clicks from your mobile. You can choose the vehicle you want, the number of passengers, the type of trip and the date and time of your pick-up.

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