Going out at night in Beausoleil, the best addresses

Skyview of Monaco.

Beausoleil is an effervescent city, young and especially moving at night. There are many internationally known places where everyone jostles to party. With the health restrictions easing, partygoers are already ready to move back in. Summer is coming and getting around in cities as small and crowded as Beausoleil can seem like a hassle. Your best option? Hire a private driver to get you around without the hassle of finding a place or protecting your car. With your driver, simply enjoy your outings.

Places to visit

The Buddha-Bar of Monte-Carlo is an invitation to travel. Go to the far East. With its warm colors, its Buddha statue and its chic lounge atmosphere, you will find an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and celebration. Enjoy Thai and Japanese dishes to titillate your taste buds with a taste of Asia.

– The Rascasse is a Monegasque nightclub and a top party spot. Located in the corner of the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo, this mythical place gathers the party people and the great DJ’s. Between house music, live music, salsa nights, acoustic duets, there is something for everyone.

– The Bar Lounge Europe Room is a place for parties and games. With its majestic proportions, its gaming tables, enjoy the sound of the chips. You’ll discover a chic and glamorous atmosphere. Come play a few euros and have a drink at the bar while enjoying the melodious tunes of the room’s pianist.

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