What does the term incentive mean in company lingo?

Company team well motivated.

In France, little by little, most companies are returning to their normal, pre-confinement pace. But employees can suffer from a lack of motivation to return to work abruptly. This long break may have made some of them think about new ways of approaching work and confronting it to their own comfort. To compensate for this and to restore their motivation, there is a means used by many companies: incentives.

Incentive: what is it?

If the term had to be summarized, they are techniques aimed at developing and maintaining employee motivation. Incentive activities are therefore rewards that can take many forms, from simple gifts to trips or group activities.

For a company, if it is possible to call upon a DMC agency in charge of organizing company trips to offer incentives to its employees, it is also possible to organize it yourself.

What are the keys to a successful incentive activity?

The employees taking part in the activity must feel gratified and privileged to have access to it. It should be a surprise, and of course, it should be enjoyable. To do this, the best advice to give is to offer an activity that is out of the ordinary for most staff.

Some examples of suitable activities

A trendy phenomenon is developing in many large cities such as Nice, Bordeaux or Paris, that of the Segway gyropod visit. These motorized machines allow you to move around a city in a gentle way and without getting as tired as on foot. Thus, it is easy to see the main points of interest in a playful and amusing way. This activity fits perfectly during a company trip to discover the city of residence.

More common, stays or dinners in luxury establishments are ideal activities for incentives.

Land-based activities such as rallies, wineries, karting, etc. are also very often popular, as are sea-based activities such as sailing regattas, jet-skiing, or walks in the creeks.

Thus, in summer as well as in winter, activities can be carried out in most of the regions favorable to business tourism. In the Alpes-Maritimes, for example, incoming agencies offer dog-sled outings, helicopter flights over the snowy mountains or skiing holidays.

Last but not least, making an unforgettable and rewarding business trip for employees involves organizing evenings in upscale restaurants and nightclubs. It allows a new atmosphere to arise between the participants, and makes them feel favoured. Limousine rental with a private driver, a club party or room reserved in luxury hotels are ways to succed in this endeavor.

In conclusion, if the motivation of a work team obviously depends on good management, it can also be boosted by remarkable activities that will surprise and be perceived as beautiful gifts by the employees: incentive activities.

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