Find out how to become a private driver

A man driving a car.

Private driver is an activity that is very popular and it is one of the few activities that has been able like Private driver Nice to continue its activity during the epidemic. More and more companies are developing, and many offers private drivers services. However, there are many rules to respect to obtain this title. As for all new activities, the goal is to limit abuses and drifts. Discover the steps to become a private chauffeur.

Even if there are no specific studies to become a private driver VTC (passenger car with driver), you must of course pass an exam. Since the Grandguillaume law, it is at the Chamber of Trades and Crafts that it takes place. At the end of a multiple-choice test and a short answer test on all aspects of trade and road safety, you will obtain your certificate. Don’t forget, you can approach training centers to help you prepare your diploma.

You will then have to request your card from the prefecture in writing. It will be issued to you within three months of your request. There are some conditions to fulfill: 3 years of license minimum, the VTC exam, first aid training and a validated medical examination. You must also present a clean criminal record. You will then be able to create your own private driver company.

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